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Original Weight Toe Socks Ideal for Fivefingers

Seamless Original Weight Toe Socks - Stops Blisters, Prevents Rubbing and all Suitable for Vibram Fivefingers®

FREE UK Delivery too............Very slightly heavier construction than the Light Weight version offering a slightly thicker barrier between your skin and the footwear.

Not all Toe Socks on the market are seam free and they need to be for assured comfort.  Every pair of Toe Sock we sell are constructed to be totally seamless using a complex manufacturing process and these Original Weight options are all suitable for Vibram® Fivefingers®.

It's critical that your socks are "Seam Free" in design to avoid any risk of rubbing, especially at the toe tips.  Many cheaper options and high street fashion alternatives, have raised toe seams that "will" irritate and cause blisters.  Our Toe Socks do not have visible seams and are engineered in such a way to ensure 100% comfort and an ergonomic fit.

All Original Weight Toe Socks, are also suitable for any other shoes and trainers as well so you can save money and have healthier, drier feet all day long.  See also our tips on Avoiding Blisters in sport and walking.

Fivefingers Footwear Use Free UK Delivery no Minimum Order Value Unisex Designs

Original Weight Toe Socks Ideal for Fivefingers – 0 to 0 of 0 product

Original Weight Toe Socks Ideal for Fivefingers – 0 to 0 of 0 product

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