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Kids' Merino Wool / Lifa Blend

Applied Merino Wool Blend Technology.....For Kids

Wool is marvellous stuff. Sheep wear it for a very good reason..... it's warm and incredibly effective. Take one of the best wool breeds in the world, renowned for its extremely fine wool, the Merino sheep from New Zealand and apply the technical know-how of Helly Hansen® using their Lifa™ hollow fibre technology intertwined with Merino Wool, and you have......utopia!

Helly Hansen® thermal base layers designed for children are a true marvel of technical innovation. The full and unrivalled benefit of soft, warm Merino Wool combined with the man-made Polypropylene™ Hollow Fibre Lifa™ fibre technology, ensures the brand is highly durable, soft to the touch and incredibly effective as a thermal barrier.

Here we have a range of Helly Hansen® products designed exclusively for kids with great colours and styles to satisfy every young persons' taste whilst ensuring Mum & Dad are confident that they remain warm, dry, light and comfortable at all times.

Kids' Merino Wool / Lifa Blend – 1 to 1 of 1 product

Kids' Helly Hansen Lifa Merino Wool Warmest Baselayer Combo (HH-48659)

Junior Black


Kids' Top + Leggings Combo Set

  • Lifa®T3™ Technology
  • Rapid Moisture Wicking
  • Soft Crew & Leggings
  • 100% Merino Wool Outer Layer
  • Knee and Elbow Pad Protection
  • Natural Anti-Bacterial Odour Control
  • Sonic Bonded & Woven Lifa® Lined
  • Layer 1 Next to Skin Layer
  • Wear for Days Without Washing
  • Ideal Ski Base Layer
  • Soft Fitted Lighter Relaxed Fit
  • Exceptionally Warm Merino
  • Hollow Fibre Lifa® Performance
  • Dry & Light All Day Long
  • Flat Locked Stitching
  • Fine Weave Fabrication
  • Easy Care Wash n Wear
  • Quick Drying for Rapid Re-Use

Kids' ItemWarmest GarmentMerino Wool Content


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Kids' Merino Wool / Lifa Blend – 1 to 1 of 1 product

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