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Women's SKINS Recovery

Women's SKINS™ Recovery Compression & Sleep Wear

This is the purpose made Women's Recovery Compression range from SKINS™, aimed squarly and helping you recover after excercise or injury.  Whatever sports you enjoy, we have all become fully aware of how important recovery is. The SKINS™ Women's DNAmic Recovery Compression range is designed for maximum comfort through minimal seaming along key muscles groups to allow you to be ready for the next challenge.  New to the collection is the DNAmic™ Sleep Recovery range which maximises overnight recovery when your body goes into peak repair mode.

A Level 3 Compression rated fit garment has strategic compressive and super cool zones focussed on the key muscle groups to accelerate your recovery.  Designed to be worn for long periods after that extreme workout and as a long-haul travel aid to aid recovery and reduce fatigue.

Women's SKINS Recovery – 0 to 0 of 0 product

Women's SKINS Recovery – 0 to 0 of 0 product

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