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SKINS K-Proprium

Women's K-Proprium               Men's K-Proprium


Quite possibly the best advance in technical compression wear we've ever seen and easily the most effective at what they are designed to do.

SKINS® K-Proprium™ range is a true marvel of technical fabric engineering.....but it's not for everyone.  If you are a high level athlete who constantly pushes yourself to the edge every time you train and compete without compromise, then these are for you.  But if not, we'd suggest there are better products for your needs.

Firstly there is the price point.  They're not cheap but then these are not your average compression tights.  K-Proprium™ tights derive their name from a clever fusion of names: Kenesio taping and Proprioception a peripherally derived kinaesthetic sense which focuses on the position and movement sense provided by the muscles.

These are genuine high intensity active use sophisticated compression tights aimed at the endurance athlete, sprinter, football, rugby, tennis or hockey player who competes at a very high level and undergoes frequent visits to the treatment table for restorative and preventative treatment, taping and alike.  They are not designed as a long-term travel and recovery item but as an active use treatment piece in the same way K-Taping is used. They are a genuine value add piece of equipment to your kit bag that will massively enhance your training and recovery.

The integrated high intensity strategic banding is designed to replicate K-Taping applied ahead of training.  You won't be able to wear these for most in-game activities anyway {except perhaps track athletics where tights are accepted} but for training you can save time and a lot of money by not having to throw £20 down the drain after each training session.

A word of warning though....give yourself time to get them on!  No joke, it's an art form.  You need to place the strategic banding zones where they need to go on your body, and that takes time.  These will feel nothing like any other pair of compression leggings you will have ever used before and they will probably feel very odd first of all, but persevere.

K-Proprium™ has been developed to effectively treat your muscles and ligaments just like K-Taping.  The strategic placement of the high intensity strong silicone intense banding, are designed to emulate the body's natural muscular structure and offer a genuine and credible alternative to K-Taping.

The Kinesio Taping® Method is a definitive rehabilitative taping technique that is designed to facilitate the body's natural healing process whilst providing support and stability to muscles and joints without restricting the body's range of motion as well as providing extended soft tissue manipulation to prolong performance.

Whilst these tights are not cheap, those of you that use K-Taping, will quickly realise that the price tag and the genuine effect of the K-Proprium™ on your anatomy, will make the investment in a pair of these very worthwhile indeed.  You'll probably get your investment back in a year!

Compared to the other market leaders out there, there is no comparison.  The K-Proprium™ compression tights are light-years ahead of anything else out there in terms of their performance and re-use functionality which clearly K-Taping does not give you.

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