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Odlo Technologies

For Warmer Conditions

Keeps the body cool & dry with a highly breathable fabric.  Incredibly lightweight sportswear for warm temperature conditions and high intensity activities.  With very high Moisture Transport and extremely quick drying.

For All Year Round

Optimal comfort in a variety of conditions and situations.  Light™ is a versatile fabrication for sportswear for all year round use.  High wicking and drying times and exceptional elasticity for superior feel and comfort.

For Cooler Conditions

Keeps you warm when it's cold outside.  High functionality sportswear with exceptional warmth insulation.  For all kinds of Winter based activity.  Good moisture transport.  Keeps the skin dry and warm with thermal insulation properties.

For Extreme Cold Conditions

The sports underwear for extremely cold conditions.  The alpine friend with "Extra" warm inserts to protect sensitive parts of the body when the temperature really drops.  With good moisture transport control.  High levels of dry, warm comfort.

Silver is not just for jewellery.  The unique features of Silver used in the production of most of the Odlo® ranges, ensures the fabric remains fresh and devoid of those bacterial smells that often build up in fabrics exposed to extreme weather conditions.  The "Effect™" treatment is carried out at the point of production as opposed to being post production treatment, which means the "Effect™" never wears off.

Still applying the 4 conditions principals of all the ODLO® ranges, the "evolution™" range is a technical marvel of fabric engineering designed to focus warmth or ventilation on to key muscle groups.

Four independent segments of construction ensures the perfect body climate in all conditions and features the all new Segment "Cool" technologies.  Seamlessly integrated ventilated & warmth zones coupled with an anatomically designed sports fit, ensures unrivalled comfort.  The "evolution™" range embraces a 3D weave technology that ensures the fit hugs the body like a second skin without excess compression.

Offers effective protection against the wind chill effect.

Depending on the speed of the wind, Wind Chill causes the temperature to "feel" significantly lower than the thermometer would indicate as wind has no effect on the "ambient temperature".  LOGIC™ Wind-Proofing reduces the Wind Chill Factor effect.  The fabric used in construction, is water and wind resistant whist being very breathable to allow the layering systems to work effectively.

Odlo's LOGIC™ Weather-proofing fabrication, is designed to protect against a variety of severe weather conditions.

Innovative fabric technologies offer outstanding functionality.  Odlo® has specifically developed functional fabrics that are designed to transport moisture to the outside of the fabric and provide exceptional breath-ability to ensure optimal performance against the elements.

Designed specifically to keep the wet weather at bay.

LOGIC Waterproof is an innovative 3rd Layer fabric technology that is specifically designed to resist water penetration to exceptional effect and has characteristics that protect the body superbly against wet conditions.  The fabric is waterproof, windproof and completely breathable ensuring the whole layering system works in tandem.

The Odlo® F-Dry treatment, accelerates the removal of moisture from the skin to ensure the wearer remains dry, light and comfortable at all times.

By accelerating the moisture transport with the F-Dry system, any moisture build up is transported to the outside of the garment where it can evaporate rapidly to achieve the objectives. and keep you dry and comfortable as well as warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather.

Protection from the wind but retaining the benefit of unrestriced movement.

X-Stretch by Odlo's unique fabric technology, a "Biolastic" fabric with wind resistant properties.  Applied to many of the Warm and X-Warm garment ranges, to protect against the severe cold weather conditions the sensitive parts of the body may encounter, but guarantees wearer comfort with high levels of elasticity.


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